In today's life , social media plays a very significant role, social media are web-based online platforms that enable individuals to discover and learn new knowledge, exchange ideas, connect with new individuals and organisations. The way people live their lives today has changed, which has made communication much easier. It allows user-generated content like information, photographs, and videos to be shared. Social networking platforms can come in various forms, such as blogs, company forums, podcasts, microblogs, photo sharing, review of products / services, weblogs, etc.

Studies have shown that 25 percent of people invest their time on social networking sites, which goes further to demonstrate how important and popular social media platforms have recently become. In many fields, such as business, culture , food, lifestyle, welfare and a host of others, the significance of social media can be seen.

For any company, it is critical because you own a brand as an entrepreneur and keep in contact with your customers with the aid of social media networking companies and get useful information about them that can increase their brand value. When it comes to targeting potential buyers, most entrepreneurs and marketers have successfully used this tool.

Social media importance:

Now more than 85 percent of corporations are part of the marketing campaign with a dedicated social media site.Almost 58% of companies which have been marketing in social media for more than three years and have registered an rise in revenue during that time. Nearly 60 per cent of marketers are dedicated to social media growth and maintenance equal to a complete working day.

Today, websites like Fassbooking, Twitter , Instagram, Facebook Messanger, WeChat and WhatsApp have a big impact on people's lives. We've got over millions users on social media websites. It has also flourished not only to share images and information, but also to trade and industry. The number of users on each social network is increasing and shows clearly how important social media are in today's world, as they have changed everything about information and communication. The number of users on each social platform has increased.

There are many reasons why you must be on today's social media site.

  • Communication:
  • Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ made the search for their names online easy to find and contact anyone. In the past, a PC or laptop was needed, but now you are able to be in contact with all your friends and family on your move. It's also very frequent to handle the company on the move.

  • Campaign for awareness:
  • The social network is a huge forum to raise millions for charities and other projects such as the Boston bombing victims, who have raised over $200,000. when it comes to raise money or support the needy. When it comes to raising funds.

  • Advancement:
  • The marketing of social networking platforms has become very familiar with the world of entertainment and industry, people can support their work and expand their fan base by sharing information about themselves and their events. They will raise money and monetize their work through this site.

    Entrepreneurs may also find out through feedback what people feel about their products.

  • Sharing of pictures:
  • With the introduction of Facebook , Instagram and Snapchat, you can now share pictures with friends and relatives a milestone from us about exciting moments in our lives. People have been deprived of such things in the past and now they can share their loving moments in a click away.