About Us

We're a Digital Marketing Agency in Pune that provides solutions to all of your branding and marketing challenges.

We are dedicated to campaigns and initiatives that affect your audience with a strong emphasis on design and user awareness. We build fantastic digital plans for people because their brand and audience warrant the best. Think in the box, think out or even build your own box, we do everything! We do everything! Our team of marketers, marketers and authors designs a strategy that can consistently meet the needs of our clients and their customers with our marketing solutions.

And team member has his or her own experience in their own fields, and a unique insight and talent, making us a great destination for all digital nuances as we are a close-knit team.

Our Philosophy:

  • We are a squad of talented people who want to wake up to do what we do, to bring products to our clients that make them feel comfortable and fulfilled.
  • We're open with the job we do with our clients. We are a data powered and developed Digital Marketing Company in Pune that believes in providing impeccable research with tangible outcomes.
  • From web design & creation to digital media strategy to designing and developing a company from scratch, we do it all.
  • We are always searching for the newest and most creative developments and avenues to link the company to an global audience with a gigantic passion and excitement for the Digital Marketing World.

Analysis and conceptualization

Whatever the project's nature or scale, we begin by constructing a design framework. We define important points to remember in a detailed discussion with the customer. We are looking for target audience, rivals and trends before we hit mockups that are explorable and worthwhile.


Our design team takes on the idea and creates a concept- and research-based one or two design mocks. We show the mock-ups to give you an idea of how the concept is going to happen.

Delivery & performance

We make improvements based on your input and achieve the final idea, a satisfactory result accepted by the client, through continuous cooperation with the client.

Our goal is to fulfil the requirements of our customers and our team is constantly briefed on recent, on-going and successful developments in various sectors. We can assist if your organisation wants digital marketing, design or marketing solutions.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, every organisation knows the advantages of remaining on the Google website, with an acceptable keyword search in the web search result. As a DMC in Pune, our mission is to provide our customers with the best SEO services through their business understanding. Most importantly, we realise that no results are taken into account on the second page of a search and we help keep the company away from it.

Content Marketing

Our content authors and authors are a team that understands the strength of words and knows the language of marketing. They know the value of SEO values and the call to action that they know how in word on the digital platforms to communicate the essence of your brand.

Web Design and Development

We have a team of design professionals who know how to understand the needs of consumers and who have the skill to communicate their needs in a design they enjoy and appreciate. Our design team is well versed in a range of languages and skills to provide a strong base on your web as our experts take responsibility for your design preferences.

Social Media Marketing

Social networking is immense and goes beyond posting alone. It provides one of the most viable and exciting marketing opportunities for companies of all sizes and genres. We are the best social media marketer in Pune, providing customers with excellent SMM services by acquainting ourselves with their company and designing the required social media strategies for enhanced customer reach on social media platforms.


A firm is only a name, and a brand is a character. How is your place established in any room? Not all produced stuff can always appeal to everyone. Defining the brand in a dynamic environment like the Branding Environment is imperative. GuruTeck Solution allows you to build a solid, memorable brand on all your marketing and advertising channels and properties, regardless of whether you launch or start a new brand.